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Join Bet Daily and apply for our affiliate plan, you can make money with us! Just do it right now! Please contact us if you have any further problems!

Commission Plan

What is the BetDaily affiliate program?

The BetDaily Affiliate Program is a Partnership Program that enables you to earn big! Its simple – You receive upto 35% revenue of every player you send to BetDaily. Even the starting commission at BetDaily is at a high 10%.

How to make money with the BetDaily affiliate program?

With our simple 3 easy step process, start making money now!


Quick account set-up


Track your success on player referrals


Make money instantly

Who can benefit with this program?

Player with a network

A webmaster, an owner of a website

An internet marketing manager, an arbitrageur

A blog social media group administrator

Then the BetDaily affiliate program is exactly what you need!

BetDaily’s Affiliate Program offers you many advantages

Your success is our goal. As our valued partner, you will be provided with more than one source of revenue, due to our ability to offer the app, desktop and mobile versions. We strive to achieve the highest conversion rates and the best lifetime value for the players you attract.

With our portal, you can also track your affiliate data easily, and transparently. Registration rates, number of first time deposits, instant payout details and many such real time features will be available at your fingertips.

Here’s just some of the advantages you can avail.

How does it work?

Player who clicks on your BetDaily referral link, or banner reveives a 'cookie' that allows us to identify your unique affiliate code

This players then gets assigned to your affiliate account so we can track them

Then, every time your player(s) place a bet at BetDaily, you get a share!

How to become an affiliate?

Hit sign up, and our account manager will contact you for your details. With our fast and easy 3-step approval process, you can start making money now!

How do you make this money?

  • 1.Your commission is calculated based on the performance of your downline.
  • Commission = Net revenue * Commission rate.
  • 2.How is net revenue calculated?
  • Net revenue = (GGR * 85%) - claimed bonus by downlines - surcharge fee from downlines(deposit & withdrawal) - adjustment from downlines
  • 3. Your commission will be verified at the 5th of the next month. If there aren't any problems, you will receive the commission in your account on the following 10th of that month.
  • 4. Now lets understand the commission model.
  • LevelActive playersCompany Win LossCommission $

    Please note: Apart from the number of the active players mentioned in the above table that the affiliate must meet, you should also ensure that every player you have referred is a genuine active player in BetDaily. BetDaily has set a series of standards to audit the quality of every player. If you fail in meeting the standards, your commission will not be paid out.

    Multi-level affiliate structure

    While making money as a BetDaily affiliate, you can bring in other affiliates too, and earn commission on the players that they bring in. You earn 10% of the commission of each of the affiliate you bring in.

    If the affiliates that you bring in brings other affiliates in too, then you earn commission at all the levels!

    How do you earn across all levels? Consider the following scenario.

    Let’s say that, you, as affiliate A1, bring in 2 more affiliates, B1 and B2. Then how much do you earn?

    Along with your own income, you earn 10% of both B1 and B2’s income. Say if all 3 of you have earned exactly 10,000 each, then you earn additional 1000 as commission due to B1’s earnings, as well as 1000 as commission from B2’s earnings. So, your total earnings, instead of 10,000, is now a cool 12,000.

    Now, B1 brings in 2 more affiliates C1 and C2, while B2 adds one more affiliate C3. C1 brings in D4. Even in this complex situation, it is easy to calculate how much each affiliate earns, and is pictured in the image below.

    Needless to say, more the affiliates and players that you add, more you earn!

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